Citrus fruit quality standards

Consumers demand high quality for the food they consume and they are increasingly demanding concerning the taste, appearance and shape of citrus fruits (and produce in general), as well as the consistency, purity and freshness of citrus juices. Food safety has become a very significant issue, Consumers want to be informed about the food they are consuming through appropriate labeling and tracking and traceability schemes. The quality requirements citrus fruit and products have to comply with, would be determined by attributes such as maturity, hygiene, presentation, absence of residues, blemishes and diseases and environment protection

citrus fruits must be:

  • intact

  • free of bruising and/or extensive healed over cuts
  • sound; produce affected by rotting or deterioration such as to make it unfit for consumption is excluded
  • clean practically free of any visible foreign matter
  • practically free from pests
  • practically free from damage caused by pests
  • free of signs of internal shriveling
  • free of damage caused by low temperature or frost
  • free of all abnormal external moisture
  • free of any foreign smell and/or taste
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